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Hurricane Preparedness

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1 and ends November 30. Although hurricanes can occur outside of these dates, over 97% of hurricane and tropical storm activity happens during this time frame.

The Time to prepare is now, before the storm.  Make sure you have Food & Water, Medications, Flashlights, Chargers, ID & Insurance Cards.

Before The Storm

Plan Ahead

Have a plan for what could happen if you lose your home after a storm. If safety officials advise you to evacuate, please do so immediately. 

Each year prior to hurricane season, your family should review your existing strategy and make changes as necessary.  Your hurricane strategy should include evacuation plans, such as where your family and pets will go, what route to take, when to leave and what supplies are necessary.  Supplies should last for at least one week.

Click here to access City of Quitman's Facebook Page.  City Hall will update Facebook and the Website prior to, during, and after the storm. 


Emergency Supply Kit


Post-Storm Safety Tips

Safety is the number one priority after any storm. Be careful in areas with damage, flooding and power outages.

Find more post-storm safety tips on

Additional Resources

Listed below are some resources to help you and your family prepare for safety in a hurricane.